Thursday, May 2, 2013

In (Chinese) food heaven at Kai

Kai Restaurant 1
Top (L/R): Lamb Shank / Wasabi prawns
Bottom (L/R):  Soft shell carb / Iberico pork with caramelised cashew
Kai Restaurant 2

Top (L/R): Lobster soup / Aromatic crispy duck
Bottom (L/R): Lobster noodle / Chilian sea bass

Kai desserts

Top (L/R): Durian souffle / 6 shades of chocolate
Bottom (L/R): Mango cake / Petit fours

Aunty Janice was in town last Monday and that often means a big feast. This time the 3 hour long feast was at Kai Restaurant. A one Michelin star Chinese restaurant that in my opinion, is not getting the publicity it deserves. Quietly refined serving to a pack house on a Monday night which can only mean one thing: very very good food!

We were in for a treat as she is chummy with the chef and we got the 'special' treatment. You know what that means right. No menu involved. The chef decides what he wants to serve us. We Chinese eat every damn thing so nothing is excluded. Dishes that were no longer on the menu but are a firm favourite (lamb shank) and new-not-on-the-menu-yet dishes (soft shell crab, iberico pork) were brought to the table. 

We feast with both our eyes and taste buds and I struggle to pick a favourite - the lamb shank was my favourite then I bit into the soft shell crab and then that becomes my new favourite then the lobster came and I gave up....there is no point in this 'favourite' game.  

Even the desserts are superb. The durian soufflé is to die for and you can smell the distinct aroma before the waitress placed it on the table (the Musa King durian directly flown from Malaysia). For chocolate lovers the 6 shades of chocolate looks and taste like a deconstructed snickers bar, but 10 times better!

I love the food (Hakkasan doesn't even come close). Indulgent food, a treat if I ever needed one. Or I just wait for Aunty Janice next trip to London...counting down to September! 

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