Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scotland vs. Brazil

Fuel before the big game


Picnik collage

on the way in....superb atmosphere. You can always rely on the Scots for good atmosphere / good banter to make up for the 'not so good' performance on the pitch! (I hope Scott is not reading this!)
Desperately looking for a piper for the wedding...there must be a piper somewhere in KL/Singapore!

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Scots love their drinks. This is a good reminder that we need to stock up big time for the pussy footing on single digit number of cans per person here...we are talking double digit pints per person (and this obviously exclude spirits or champagne). Do they sell beer in barrels in Malaysia? Must remember to speak to Uncle Don when I am back in town.

Picnik collage

final score? We lost...2-nil...could have been was a friendly afterall

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me likey

1) I am liking this....need to find thin leather straps.The hardware? Easy...I am literally living and breathing Homebase judging by the amount of DIY we are constantly doing in the flat

2) Oddly attracted to this. Not really a jewerly person but love this personalised necklace. I blame it on wedding prep - I am literally OD-ing on personalised this and that  to make a wedding unique

source: 1, 2 (both viewed from Bleubird Vintage)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend pictures

Picnik collage
Dinner with Ross and Nat - spicy chicken pie, carrot+beetroot+pear salad (recommended! no additional dressing needed), buttered potatoes. Chocolate & Guinness cake. Verdict: more malty than chocolatey..but still very tasty

Picnik collage

Sorcha's 30th birthday
Sorcha's 30th birthday party. This is definately another sign of 'adulthood'...accepting invitations for 30th birthday party vs. 21st / 16th birthday parties.


Picnik collage

Spring cleaning the garden - weeding, defining borders, picking up leaves, cutting down dead branches. Check out my plum trees...completely covered in white flower that look like snow in the picture. I am assuming it will be 1 plum per flower (OMG - FAINT!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mee Hoon Kueh!


Scott's verdict: That's why I marry you!
I added in a little cornflour into the flour mix after reading this to see if it works and I think it does...the texture is definately smoother.

Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend in Scotland

Citizen M Hotel Glasgow
Citizen M hotel in Glasgow - compact with a cool layout. Various lighting options - orange for love? (not so sure about it!)

Allan & Rhona Wedding
a decent picture of the girls...before things got messy

after 2 champagne too many....groom is standing next to Scott

Cake made by bride's auntie who owns a cake shop in Glasgow (look and taste delish). Made to look like an unfinish cake as the couple recently bought a house together and renovating the whole thing (ehh....knocking down walls and floors, building stud walls, etc...makes our project look Mickey Mouse-ish!). They cut the cake with a black&decker saw!

Picnik collage
Amazing venue called the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow. One of our top choice for a wedding venue too. They retained the cobbled floor and old signages

favours and wedding place-cards...clever

Before the free-flowing wine effect...all smiles for the camera!

Late night chow back in the hotel....chippy doused with vinegar with deep fried sausage (only in Scotland!)

completely irrelevant but I hope our future kids inherit his 'legs gene' instead of my midget legs

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Simple Pleasures: Fish fingers + baked beans

Dinner tonight....after a very rich marmalade glazed roast duck for lunch, we crave something a little simpler. We try to keep a stock of fish fingers in our tiny freezer drawer above the fridge whenever possible and always always have a can (or 4) of baked beans in the cupboard. Good emergency fuel.

Weekend was quiet and blissful apart from me leaving the camera out in the garden and for the fox to 'steal' it....drag it from the garden table to the grass and gnawed the camera. The strap is gone...the cover for the lens is no longer attached to the camera but the camera survived! Lesson learnt...