Friday, May 3, 2013

Bank Holiday Camping in Norfolk

Let's Go Camping Art Print
(Picture source by Brooke Weeber)

It's the bank holiday weekend and we are off camping at Norfolk! This time we are driving to the campsite which means I intent to make it as glamping as possible - think blowup mattress, proper pillows and a duvet! Ahhhhhh.....I cannot wait!
I have grand plans to bake this chocolate and ricotta cake and this peanut butter bites using homemade peanut butter that I have yet to make. It is always nice to bring something homemade on a camping trip no? But yup all this to be done tonight, on top of a dinner date with Scott and packing up for camping. Very ambitious. Let's see how I get on huh!

On a completely random note, I found these funny facts about being a leftie and I just need to share. All true - Leftie unite!

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