Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 minutes of wedding fame


wedding book

Couple of months ago I received a surprised (possibly awkward, on her part) email from Marianne, our wedding photographer in London. She wanted to informed us that a couple of our wedding pictures have been picked to be included in a wedding how-to book in France! Awkward because we have never been informed or gave consent to use our pictures and at that point in time, the book is in the process of being printed (i.e. too late to pull out).

The back story was the publisher commissioned Marianne to photograph her wedding and she later approached Marianne to use some of her pictures for this wedding how-do book she is creating. Marianne provided the pictures and was waiting to see what was selected so that she can inform and seek consent from her customers to publish these pictures. But typical French way of working, she heard nothing and when she did, it was to be told that the book is going to print!

We saw the funny side to it, told Marianne we are fine with them using our pictures and had a good laugh when our complimentary book arrived in the post. We are on the contents page which gave us the biggest giggles. They also used one of our favourite picture which we are pleased about. Overall is it a lovely book though we have no idea what is being said in it as everything is in French! If you fancy a copy, you can buy it here

We will also be featured in Singapore's Peranakan magazine in the coming months, an article about our Scottish-Peranakan wedding. These 2 pieces would be the extend of our '5-minute wedding fame'. We declined other magazine offers and an interesting proposal by a Travel Channel - the idea of an interview and an additional 2 camera crews following us around on our wedding day is a little too OK magazine for me...which really, it not OK.

NB: This post was meant to be written at NuffnangX #Blogbash held at The Luxe restaurant. But I got too busy chatting to the bloggers instead...don't forget to check out their blogs!



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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Photo a day: Canonbury Station


When the weather is not bicycle-friendly, I take the 'ginger line' to work

Monday, January 21, 2013

White January




So we had a rainy and fairly warm Christmas last year and the snow finally made an appearance in January. I was home alone last weekend while Scott was back in Glasgow with optimistic plans to watch his (2nd division...2ND DIVISION okay, this is love) football team play a match - unlucky though, frozen ground means he ended up in a pub instead. I mean I could have told him that but he was insistent and he braved the 1 hour delay flight up - his choice!

Sunday was the ideal day for a very lazy morning and I was in bed until 2pm. Milky tea, nutella on toast and the Sunday papers kept me very happy but I was eventually forced to leave the bed when nature calls and the tummy rumbles. So after a quick bite of something leftover in the freezer, I wrapped up warm, braved the snow and went for a walk towards Upper Street.

Walking through Highbury Fields is my favourite bit - all the snowmen! Sometimes I wished I was a kid growing up somewhere with snow - the sledging, the snow fights, the building of snowman and of course hot chocolates at the end of the day to warm up cold fingers. I had a bowl of kimchi stew to warm up my cold fingers instead. I was also about £100 lighter in my pocket after a casual walk in to Whistles....bad move.