Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April...according to Instagram

Instagram April 1
Instagram April 2
Instagram April 4
Instagram April 3

©     Quality granny time in Arran over the Easter break
©     The weather was surprisingly warm so we got a ride on Uncle Peter’s boat over to Holy Isle. We were kitted out in shamazy waterproof gears
©     Scott in his kilt – yummeh!
©     Surprise post-it note on the bed is the best…Scott was away for work
©     Neighbour has completely out-trump our front hedge with their rabbit/cat (?) hedge design
©     Made spinach pancakes for Sunday – will be making this again!
©     Scott and Adam ran a 10k race at Finsbury Park in 43 minutes
©     Wonderwoman is one tasty lady
©     Craving sardines – dinner for one
©     Best fresh grilled fish in London on Golborne Road!
©     Shoryu Dragon Tonkatsu hits a sweet garlicky spot for me
©     Tea break whilst working at Foxcroft and Ginger café in Soho – a nice change of office scenery
©     Sunday lamb roast at The Pig and Butcher pub on Liverpool Road
©     Patty and Bun Ari Gold Burger – 5 stars!
©     The Rib Man ribs did not disappoint and worth the queue
©     Tsuru chicken karaage burger lunch catch-up with Divya.

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