Friday, December 2, 2011

I ♥ NY

Macy's, NY

Times Square, NY

Byrant Park Ice rink

Only in New York:
- I landed on Monday afternoon and the pilot said that the weather was 19 degrees!!! WHAT WHAT WHAT!!??!!! My colleague and I walked about in Manhattan without our jackets, having dinner by the sidewalk with no outdoor heater. This is amazing – it is like spring although the day is dark by 5pm. This must be what global warming feels like and I am liking it (I know so un-PC!)…..the weather is back up to its ‘norm’ (9 degrees today) so it was short-lived.
- Hot off the oven cookies are the best – I get served 2 plates of these a day to keep us going from 9am-9pm. Every little helps make the day bearable I tell ya….unlimited sweets, chocs, fruits, crisps, coffee, tea…you get what I mean
- Only in New York will a guy decide not to eat pizza because it looks processed and to quote him “it is not worth the calories!” – you go girl!!
- I love shopping here!!! Wanna know why? I am a XS size here – end of! I know it is shallow and it is all psychological blah blah but it works…I shop and I hand over my credit card and I feel better about myself. Those cookies must be zero calories!!
- I know what I will say next doesn’t sound right but I do not like shopping at Macy’s. Macy’s feels like the love child of Debenhams (standard brands and mediocre products) and TK Maxx (huge shops, discount tags on everything) and I can’t stand that place. Sorry…it did not rock my boat (wallet)
- Obama was in town yesterday to switch on the Christmas tree lights at Rockefeller Centre which is about 10 blocks from where I am based – I think this would be the closest I would ever be to the president – OK 10 blocks is still fairly far but I am in the same island as he is damn it!! I will take that
- Only in New York do I get asked “whey yur frommmmm?”