Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Big 30: Birthday notes


Notes for Scott 1
Notes for Scott 2
Notes for Scott 3

I wanted Scott to have a present that he will treasure from his 30th birthday. I got the chocolate and the fun beer-a-day countdown but I felt like it was missing something, something meaningful perhaps to mark the big day. I have bookmarked Danni's book of notes for the longest time and this occasion felt like the right time to make one of my own for Scott...but with some help.

A month before his birthday (yea this needs serious wedding-style organisation), I send a Facebook message to all his close friends and family requesting for stories/memories they have of Scott. Thankfully they were all game and I received a barrage of messages...each funnier than the previous and I think it helped trigger memories amongst his close friends of stories that had not been mentioned for a long time. A common theme emerged often involving Scott either naked/semi-naked (mostly when he was very young) or drunk (oh what a surprise!) - rarely both at the same time!

It took me a week to get everything onto the book. Organising the stories, printing, punching fancy shapes, making envelopes, gluing, cutting, stamping etc (I am not lying when I said it required wedding-style stamina and prep work) . But I secretly enjoyed the process - ha!

The book was a surprise to him. Honestly, I think he was a little disappointed when he first open the present (a scrapbook for my 30th? WTF?) but hopefully the content makes it all worth it. Oh some of the stories...some made him chuckle, some he is still trying to deny, some made him LOL.

Stories that one day may be forgotten are now saved in the book. It was definitely worth the blood, sweat and paper-cut tears.

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