Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Remembering the snow in 2010

2010-12-18 15.03.52

2010-12-18 12.11.54
our winter wonderland garden

2010-12-18 12.15.28
view outside our flat

dec snow 2010

I recently upgraded to a new phone and was transferring all my camera pictures from the old phone to my laptop and found these pictures.

These were taken exactly 2 years ago today, just days before we leave for Scotland for Christmas. What a difference in temperature this year - much warmer and no snow on the ground. Today's temperature: 8 degrees.

I remembered waking up and going straight to the garden and took pleasure in walking in the fresh snow - hearing the snow crunch and leaving my footprints in the snow. It was also very exciting to see families out in force building snowman in Highbury Fields...it certainly adds to the Christmas spirit.

These pictures are getting me all excited about our trip back to Scotland this weekend - cannot wait!

Monday, December 17, 2012

If the shoe fits - Tracing the outline of a shoe

Picture from Dos Family amazing blog, found many months ago and saved in my laptop!

This picture stopped me in my track and transported me right back to my younger self, way before my teens. It also puts a huge smile on my face.

It may look like a non-descript picture of an outline of shoe somewhat hastily drawn behind a used envelope but it brings back so many good memories because half way round the world, more than 20 years ago, my dad used to do exactly the same – tracing the outline of my shoe.

I vividly recalled him tracing my siblings’ and my slippers on random pieces of paper – sometimes drawn behind a used envelope, calendar or torn pages of a company’s annual report book - often the night before he goes away on holiday with the best intention of coming home with presents for us. It was always dad who did it, never mum.

Shoes aside, whenever my parents travel, they tend to bring home little gifts for us when we were much younger. Dad has a tendency to buy us the latest fashionable item from the country he visits which more often than not, is never in-fashion/cool in our tiny town at the same time. These pieces of clothing tend to be relegated to the back of the cupboard before the annual clothes purge to the charity bin.

He once bought my sister Ida and I some lurid printed mid-drift tops from Indonesia, accompanied with his famous quote ‘Better wear these things now when you are young; please don’t wear these bare-backed, pusat (navel) showing tops when you are 40. People will talk and they will say - did you see Charlie’s 40 year old daughter wearing that top!!??’ Oh that used to give us the giggles but now as our ages are closer to the 40 mark instead of our teens, it sadly, cannot be truer!Wise words papa!

I remember my first pair of Doc Marten shoes dad bought for me from London. It is quite possibly one of the last few pairs of shoes he bought me before the holiday presents stop as we turn ‘fussy and difficult to buy for’. It was the 90s, it was the coolest shoes to have at the time and he was going to London so Ida and I put our orders in. He took our slipper measurements on paper and came home with the goods – Ida received a black ankle boots and mine was Mary Jane style. We feel like the coolest people in Melaka...even in 30 degrees heat in Malaysia we wore our black leather Doc Marten with pride.

The Doc Marten shop must have left an impression on dad. He came home and told us all about the store– the biggest of its kind at the time in Convent Garden. He told us about the size (it has 4 (or 5?) shop floors), the range of shoes, the customers who shops there (punks with spiky hair!) and the shoe lift! When he puts his orders in, the shop assistance send a call for the shoes and the shoes arrived in its own shoe lift! A shoe lift!! Dad was well impressed!

Unfortunately the shop shuts down as the trend died away shortly after. I don’t venture to Covent Garden much now but whenever I do, and if I passed by the building where Doc Marten used to be, I am always reminded on the shoe lift and my first Doc Mart that dad bought me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012




We bought our Christmas tree last weekend! The initial agreement was to not get a tree at all as we are spending Christmas in Scotland and we have no plans for a get-together in our London flat this year. That agreement was scrapped the minute we find ourselves in Columbia Flower Market and being surrounded by Christmas trees. Not sure any tree but gorgeous huge trees that smell of pine a mile away! We got straight into the Christmas spirit, desperately yearning for a tree (and a bigger house to fit those massive trees!) and agreed to get a small-ish tree as a compromise.

Instead of lugging home a tree from the market we decided to get one at our local area where unsurprisingly none of the smaller trees are to Scott's liking and he is adamant we should get a 5-feet tree instead. So the plan for a small-ish tree was scrapped once again and the boy went home happy.

He took charge of it all, sawed a good inch off the bottom, soak the tree in water, put up the lights and decorated it - all by himself. He was in his element! I have to be honest though - I think the tree needs a few more bells and whistles to make it stand out. I was going to get more baubles but in a rare role reversal moment, he told me not to as we might not be in London for the next Christmas (storage issue-boo!). 

So I kept myself busy and made a wreath for our front door instead.

Friday, December 7, 2012

My weekly World Wide Web treasures

Nutella Pie Pops - on my list!

Sucker for typography - check out the video on how the artist created her chalk magic here

Chanel's Metier d'Art show in Edinburgh - strong Scottish influence on the clothes - drool on here and here. I want that sporran style bag! Scott....Xmas present maybe?

This video is beyond funny for Instagram lovers

This minimalist ad is cracking me up!! Check the rest of the ads here - Happy Friday!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The cold snap






The weather turned very cold this week - dry, crisp air but thankfully not too windy or wet. We had a fairly warm autumn so I guess it is about time the weather turns. It reminded me of the weekend we spend in Scotland not too long ago when we were there for Gregor and Sorcha's wedding. It was also a cold  November day - dry and crisp with the sun streaking through.

We spend the morning of the wedding outdoors on a treasure hunt (part of the wedding plan!) in a grand country pile where the wedding was held. We coupled up with Ross and Nat who just came back from their 8-months travel in Asia so there was lots to catch-up on. Unsurprisingly the boys got competitive and we collected all the things on the list including a token empty bullet casing, hoping for a grand prize with our 'extra find'. We later found out there wasn't a prize....it was a rouse to get us walking the ground before the wedding!