Friday, August 26, 2011

camera man in the garden

Tony joined us for a weekend BBQ as the weather was scorching last week - probably his last before he goes off for a new adventure in China. Always nice to have a photographer in da house. Scott is not the most willing photographer ...


I wanted to show him my yellow carrots - they make me smile!




happiness in a bowl




I have learnt to show some restraint and not finish everything on my plate if I want to fit into something decent in Septemer - half of these are for my pack lunch tomorrow. Fast learner...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Keeping it interesting in the garden


After last year's garden success and failures - we know we want to get a bit more experimental and plant veggies that are difficult to find / unique. We have great success with these so far...
We were so precious about pulling out these yellow carrots...they grew really well in our garden and we were originally hoping for super long and thick carrots but were tickled pink by what we pulled out instead. I did have my suspicion that the carrots may not come out 'Tesco-perfect' because carrots are fussy plant that need fairly fine soil (i.e. sieved of rocks and old roots etc) which we didnt do! But I love it !! Our first yellow carrots - we have quite a few more in the garden to keep us entertained.

We will definitely plant kohl rabi again next year - so easy and so unique in the garden. This is definately one of those vegs that you just will not get in any supermarket. We just pull them out from the garden - slice away the purple skin, grate it, drizzle a little oliver oil and - voila...yum!

Check this out! Achocha is an unusual vegetable from South America that is pretty easy to grow and does go a bit mental and a vigorious climber. Very productive and most of the fruits are still teeny tiny but we got a couple of bigger fruits. This variety is called 'fat baby' - so cute!! We don't know what to expect with this one - apparently eaten raw it tastes like cucumber, but cooked it tastes like sweet peppers!! Surreal...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

eggs on toast



This is as 'live' as it has ever been for this teeny blog! Breakfast in bed served by Scott 5 minutes ago - poached egg on toast. I have obviously devoured it before I wrote this - good food should not be kept waiting

p/s: if you can see the screen, its a hint of our minimoon destination after the 'wedding' in September!

pp/s: I can never do poached eggs while Scott can do it in his sleep (don't take it so literally)...another reason to stick with him

We know it's bad...

2011-08-12 15.10.13
We are well aware of the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular conditions and the side effects you may get from taking some of these treatment (hint hint lots of interesting new drugs in development for diabetes!) but do we care....? No my colleagues and I look forward to 'choc Friday' - we get our sugar fix to keep us going for the last 2 hours of work before the weekend arrives. Don't tell my dentist...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011




Good company



homemde chicken satay as starter


belated birthday cheesecake - by Ross and Nat

Probably our last BBQ together in our flat before Sox and Gregor are off to Singapore, Ross and Nat away for their 8 months travel and possibly us selling the flat? who knows? Nostalgia already