Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Papa!


Dad is 61 today and at that age I guess his words are starting to hold some ‘weight’. So maybe it is time to share some of his words of wisdom that he instilled in us kids. He has a unique way of imparting words of advice but the message is clear nonetheless. These are some that I remember fondly and try to follow (some without much success yet)!

Wisdom #1: Your great great grandfather Mr Chee Swee Cheng turn 1 cent to 10 cents, and you Kelly Chee turn 10 cents back to 1 cent. (10 second pause for effect) So how much money do you want? RM5 where got enough take RM10
Lesson to self: Persevere ... and you shall be rewarded

Wisdom #2: Go and do it yourself. Don’t everything Mary Mary Mary! Next time sapu pantat call Mary ah?
Lesson to self: Be independent

Wisdom #3: If I give someone durian, I make sure I give them more than enough so that when they shit, their tahi also smell of durian
Lesson to self: Generosity (and diarrhoea) is always remembered long past the act of giving

Wisdom #4: Make sure you eat your kacang panjang. If not wait katet like Geok!
Lesson to self: Do not mock others. It can backfire (note: see Ida (height) for explanation)

Wisdom #5: Be nice to others, otherwise when you die, they come and kencing at your grave!
Lesson to self: Either be nice or request for cremation

Wisdom #6: Time and tide wait for no man
What he is really trying to say: Cepat kahwin, I want cucu!
Lesson to self: Buy ear plugs

Happy birthday Papa!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Been a while...

Life has been too busy recently and this blog has been neglected - don't worry the garden is doing fine but we have carrots and potatoes to harvest and they just have to wait. Just back from Paris for work, and now on holiday mode as we are off to Portugal tomorrow for a week of skin sizzling sun!!! Then back to work and off to China straight away (business class baby!! ain't right to complaint!) and after that Paris and Germany again the following week. In hindsight, should have gone for 100 pages passport vs being a cheapie and getting the 30 pages passport. It won't last 5 years at this rate.

I will be back with more pictures after Portugal. Meanwhile, check out my birthday flowers :)