Monday, April 22, 2013

The Big 30: Cadbury? That's not my name!


"You are not sending me a surprise present to my office for my birthday right?"

"No of course not. I don't think I can out-trumped the duck"


Scott's Big 30 birthday was on a Tuesday. Weekday birthdays can be a bummer if you are working, which he was. I didn't want him to wait until after work to open his presents. I also like the idea of him having a surprise package delivered to his office on his birthday. I have gone down the embarrassing route before  (a huge duck shaped balloon in reference to an inside joke which completely baffled his colleagues and turned him tomato red with embarrassment!) but since it was his 'biggie' I decided to play nice.

He has a sweet tooth. It arrived in a nondescript brown package. A win for him.

hmm...this Big 30 series is taking me longer than expected to write but I am keen to jot it down somewhere so we can remember it one day. We still talk about his drunken behaviour but there are bits of his birthday that I want to cherish, smaller bits that we are bound to forget with time. I think I have one more post to go

* link to making your own customised Cadbury

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