Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Big 30: Beer-a-day countdown

beer before cropped

beer after

Scott was seriously dreading turning 30 this year. He wasn't looking forward to it when we ring in 2013 as D-day (26th Feb) gets closer. I thought hard about what to get him for his birthday since it is a biggie turning 30. There was the idea of getting him 30 different presents but I got stuck after present no.11 (errrr... no. 12 stripey socks, no.13 dotty socks???). Nope..ditch that idea!

Then I thought about all the little things that he enjoys - things that doesn't break the bank, things that I can easily buy/source in bulk. Things like:
- going for a run (runnings gears are fugly - ditch!)
- putting on a cheeky weekend bet on the football (I really shouldn't encourage this as I have not seen any returns!)
- watching reruns on his ipad (30 boxsets? boringsville!)
- whisky (I would have to rob HSBC to buy 30 decent bottles...I don't really love him that much - ha!)
- beer (bingo!)

I love the advent calendar idea of having something to open every day in the run up to the big day. I thought this might help soften the blow too. So I went to my local specialist wine and beer shop with my granny trolley, picked 30 beers based on either a cool name or cool branding (suckers!), walked home to the sound of clinking beer bottles (I must look like a freaking alco-addict), wrapped them all up in brown paper (I'm going for the Prohibition look) then tag them up in pink glittery paper (which completely kills the Prohibition look).

I displayed them on our kitchen table on 1st Feb. He was working late that night, looked at it in a confused manner when he came in and asked me "Are they all the same beer?" *face palm*

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