Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday love: Salted Caramels

Salted Caramel....I don't have the guts to try it. So many burnt butter stories has put the mother of all fear in me but this recipe with its fancy .gif images are making me rethink again - and pretty molds always do it for me too . Maybe maybe huh....just need to work up some courage. I will start by stocking up on butter...I mean I always have a stash in my fridge but maybe I should have more for you know, potentially burning the butter. It is not possible to get it right the first time, the baking-god can't be that kind. 

But onto this weekend:
©       We are popping over to Portobello Market for a wander. We cover our must-visit pit-stops (the vintage stall who sells me clothes at wholesale prices and the bric-a-brac man who sells broken tea cups amongst gems on Golborne Road) then it is anything that catches our eye! It has been a while since we ate at the Moroccan fish stall so we will probably pop by for some fresh grilled fish
©       We are dressing up for a murder mystery dinner party at El’s new flat on Saturday. I am Marchioness Duchamp and Scott is Dr Sigmund Fraud. I am well excited about this as I have never played this game before – I am not very good at keeping a straight face so I hope I am not the murderer! 
©       Revisiting Bone Daddies Ramen for Sunday dinner with Pierre who is in London for a flying visit. He loves his rice / noodle so I think the 20 hour pork tonkotsu is going to blow his mind 
©       We might attempt some garden clearing up if the weather is fine

Happy Friday!

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