Saturday, March 2, 2013

February...according to Instagram

February instagram 1
February instagram 2
February Instagram 3
February Instagram 4

©       Made pineapple jam for pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year
©       Yee Sang on Chinese New Year Eve at Aunty Janice House. It was also the day I gave out my first ang pows
©       Dumpling party with El and Jen at home
©       Dinner with food bloggers (and their big cameras!)
©       Pink © pancakes for Pancake day
©       Spicy Orange Buffalo wings on the coldest day with Federica. Frozen fingers + numb tongue, we must be mad!
©       Valentine’s day flowers from Scott
©       Homemade doughnuts for dessert, made by hubs
©       Home alone so I got crafting for Scott’s Big 30 birthday
©       Alternative cinema under the train arches with El and Lucy, watching Pretty Woman. (young) Richard Gere stole my heart again
©       Revisiting Brixton Market after 4 years and had a lovely meal at Salon
©       Rhubarb in the garden = Signs of spring
©       Scott bought a bike, I named it Randeee
©       Very strong cocktails at St Pancras Hotel
©       Surprised birthday dinner at Dinner by Heston for Scott’s Big 30 birthday (more Big 30 birthday stuff here)
©       A rare Monday morning coffee break with Scott after his Big 30 birthday party

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