Sunday, March 11, 2012


This weekend ends with a satisfying high:
- We finally finished repainting bits of the flat that are due a fresh coat. Wear and tear in an old Victorian house definately show up much faster vs a purpose-built flat.

- I lost the shed key (ok - I think I might have left it outside and the fox nicked it!) and managed to hack-saw the Made in China padlock open after 10 minutes...boy that was a good feeling as I thought we had to break the shed door down. So learning for the week is don't rely too much on a padlock for safety....10 minutes with a cheap hacksaw and voila - goodies!

- We tackled the plum tree - pruning it back to give it some shape.

- Friends came to visit and we had a good Saturday night off home-improvement tasks!

- Our wedding invitation cards finally arrived from the printers - Yay...looking forward to paper cuts and repetitive tasks for the next few nights.

- Sunday night dinner is a feast of Tau Yew Bak as the star dish and Earl Grey Chocolate cake to finish. I was inspired by this but used this recipe instead
Tau Yew Bak

earl grey chocolate cake


Bring on next week...

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