Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paris - food

Berthillon ice cream, Ile St Loius

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Friday's weather was ice-cream perfect (or as perfect as it could be for February) and we slowly ambled down to Ile St Loius from Marais and joined the queue (there is always a queue) for Berthillon ice cream. Scott went for salted caramel and I zoomed in on pistachios. The salted caramel won the taste test hands down this time - it is the perfect combination of creaminess and sweet from the caramel before the hint of salt jolts you back (in a very nice way!). I sweetly requested to try his ice cream a second time but judging from the look he gave me, I stuck to my pistachio - another perfectly made ice cream but nothing compares to the salted caramel. Scott: 1, Kelly: 0

L'Escargot, Rue Montorgueil
L'Escargot Montorgueil

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As the name suggest, I went for the snails for lunch and was not disappointed. Lunch deal is the way to go with this restaurant. Dinner prices are a little steep. Rue Montorgueil is definately worth a visit again - a pedestrianised foodie area. There is a horse butcher on the street but it was closed when we were there.

Mariage Freres, Marais

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Scott was on his best behaviour on Saturday. I wanted to check this tea place out (i.e. go in the shop, touch a few items, leave, in most cases empty handed) but he suggested we have a sit down afternoon tea instead. The choices of tea available are mind-boggling. You are provided with 2 booklets - one listing all the teas available, another offering a brief explantion of each. You can be there all day trying to choose but the pressure would be on with the queues waiting for a table, their eyes pouring into your back, willing you to order, drink up and go so they can do the same! His real motives for being up for tea (vs booze) was clear later that night when he dragged me to watch rugby...but like all good ol marriage advice goes - give and take...
The pound cake is nothing to shout about but the green tea macaroons is definately something to go back for seconds

Verjus, Paris

Verjus, Paris
We pop in here based on David's review of the place and we were not disappointed - dim lit rooms are perfect for a romantic dinner but not for photography so limited pictures but trust me when I say the butter chicken is GOOD - glad we took David's advice and order it
String fries - I love the way food are serve here! Picnic style napkins, plastic cocktail forks for your nibbles, a towering mess of fries...a refreshing change to the norm. Sitting in the 'basement cave' adds to the 'something different' vibe.

Brasserie Bofinger, Bastille

We spend Saturday morning in the Bastille market (the market I originally wanted to go is not open on a Saturday - boo!), stocking up on cheese, fruits and meats - had a nosy around the junk market around it. Nothing caught out eye this time so moving on... we pop into this institution for lunch. This restaurant has been around long enough that there is a good mix of locals and a sprinkling of tourists who made the trek to Bastille. Scott went for the steak tartare (fresh and tasty) but check out my whooper lunch deal meat feast for 19 euros. I saw the mountain of sauerkraut on my neighbours plate and decided that is what I will have. I was sold on preserved veg! Soo good value and most locals were having it. I managed to finish everything on the plate - Scott was impressed and so was I

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