Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jewish quarter in Paris


We stayed close to the Marais area in Paris this trip, an area that has been getting loads of good press, good vibe, amazing shops and unbeknown to is also the Jewish quarter of Paris. The thing that strikes us is the numerous patisserie / boulangerie in the area - most are brightly coloured and stands out from the other shops and they are all crowded with the weekend crowds selecting their sweet treats.


This bakery somehow caught out attention, we walked in...


and we struggle to decide what to have but eventually settle on a slice of cheesecake - fairly non-descript looking, it lacks the flair and pom of the other desserts screaming for our attention but we took a chance. I am not a big cheesecake fan but this is definately my type - not too dense, fairly light with just the right about of crumbliness about it - yum! Scott, the boy who loves all form of cheesecake has nothing further to add - happiness in a bite (and another bite and another...)



We passed this crepe shop in the Jewish quarter...totally random and obviously nothing Jewish about its look but it tickled us. We didn't go in but I wanted to have my picture taken with me posing a'la Japanese style - all cute and innocent with butter can't melt eyes but Scott clicked the camera button 2 seconds too fast and this is what we end up with! I still love it!

Since we are discussing areas, check out our apartment, booked via Special Apartment Paris.View of the living area

View of the mezzanine from the living area
(pictures from Special Apartment website)

2nd time lucky - totally recommended! Staying in an apartment vs hotel is definately the way to do it in Paris. We arrived late on Thursday, stocked up on the nearby Monoprix supermarket on cheese, butter and Poilane bread (OMG yes they carry Poilane bread!) and had it for our late night supper with the complimentary wine. Really....this is the only way to start one's holiday in Paris

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