Friday, March 2, 2012

My weekly World Wide Web treasures


Orange flower pavlova with coconut cream, pistachio and meyer lemon - recipe here

Assorted French Cards
I am still dreaming of Paris - you can buy these here


Salvaged wood handmade headboard. Check out the bedside lamp too - ingenious and to die for. Design like these really makes me want to jack in the job and take up carpentry - she is selling these beauties here. She did up a restaurant last year using salvaged materials and if that sorta thing is like sugar to your cup of tea, I suggest you keep reading her old blog posts and start salivating

- love food? love talking about food? love taking pictures about food? love reading about food blogs? own a food blog? then read this! - 10 things you should know about food bloggers...cracks me up BIG time

I figured I spend enough time online reading other people's blogs and scouring the big world wide web for treasures that it is time to log some of these down here so I have a record of all the things I stumble upon and love. More often than not, I find something that really catches my eye and forget about it and spend a good amount of frustrating time searching for it again - be it recipe, design, DIY, pictures etc. So here list of things that I keep recalling days after reading about it - enjoy!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Hey you should check out pinterest. It lets you copy any pics from any website and save it onto your page for future reference.