Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello Mona Lisa

At last we met...hello love....

OK lets start from the beginning, the Louvre deserves a blog post on its own, soo good, good is an understatement

French are not big on breakfast - funny really considering they have such amazing food but when it comes to breakfast, they tend to stick to a 'basic' croissant + espresso. Never mind, it is the first meal of our trip and we popped into our nearest patisserie and ordered our pastries selection. Scott likes his croissant plain while I am more of a pain au chocolat person. One bite into my pain au chocolat and I was on cloud 9. This one is smoothered with chocolate sauce similar to Nutella with choco bits - oh la la. Scott caught on and wolfed down half of it. Cheeky bugger!

There are 4 entrances to the Louvre and the busiest entrance is the one via the glass pyramide. The queue is notorious and in high season you can expect to queue for at least an hour. Well a late lie-in and only 3 days in Paris meant queueing is not an option. We decided on the entrance directly from the Metro and kept our fingers cross. No queue at the ticket office (yes!) and we saw the scale model of the Louvre (surprise score!) on the way in.

One obligatory tourist picture with the inverted pyramide before we get in - I have a picture with the pyramide outside and now the inverted bit, finally, my life is complete
(check out the guy behind me! - haha)


Before we go on any further, tip of the day: If you do not speak French, then pay up and get the headphones in English (6 euros - don't be a cheapskate!). Everything is in French including the exhibit description so it is worth getting the headphones to better understand what you are looking at and make it more interesting, otherwise everything will eventually get mesh up into one and be a blur (everything except Mona Lisa obviously as the crowd surrounding it differentiates it from others - you will never forget that!). Scott modelling how you should be using the audio device...ok moving on...

The Louvre is too big to cover everything in a day - our aim was to see Mona Lisa but we ended up in the Greek sculptures room and Egyptian room before the 'big one'. Not a big fan of Greek sculptures, I think they are amazing (ok, everything is amazing in the Louvre) but it doesn't rock my booty. Please do not judge...


Picnik collage

Picnik collage
Moving on to my favourite section! The Egyptian room is jaw-droppingly interesting and so so good! It reminds me of the British Musuem Collection which is equally as intriguing. I will not miss this if you ever visit either the British Museum or Louvre. Controversial but I enjoyed this more than Mona Lisa...Mona is so precious and heavily guarded and a good distance away that I can't press my nose on the glass and observe every brush stroke. (Yes unfortunately I am one of those annoying people with no museum etiquette.If you see a big nose mark on the glass in the museum, you know I have been there, again...please do not judge)

Largest painting in the Louvre - H-U-G-E...can you see Jesus?

Picnik collage
Another tip of the day: Don't focus on eye-level million-dollar arts only, the Lourve have some of the nicest parquet flooring. Love the geometric design!


Happy customer...till next time

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