Monday, February 6, 2012

Where is January? it is February? already? dang....
January flew by a little too quickly without a post. We were in the fast lane with work which is often the case in typical January fashion, all projects delayed over xmas are ramped back up in January with deadlines looming left, right and centre! Scott was away a lot as well (NY, Paris, Milan, Geneva) so I ended up watching lots of bad TV while working at night!

Anyway a few pictures from January as a reminder ...
2012-01-22 12.50.08
January started quite promising with some greenery in the kitchen. But with the snow I killed my money plant I left outside in the garden...I hope this doesn't mean bad luck with cash for the year no?

Scott's 'thank-God-I-marry-him lasagna'. Yes it is that good. What made it even better is him making this in a big batch for me in anticipation of him being away a lot in January and me eating crap alone (he was right about that bit!)

2012-01-22 19.30.34
Yee-sang for Chinese New Year eve dinner with the Au Yongs. Thanks a million for having us over every year! And we were both given ang pleased!

Picnik collage
London finally had snow - Scott tried to take a picture of me but he had cold fingers and bad light = shaky pic. Oh well, it was the only picture with me in it!

Picnik collage
Breakfast at Elk in the Woods after the heavy snow we experienced
L: duck egg with asparagus, sausage and toast (me)
R: potato and panchetta skillet, with baked eggs, red pepper and tomatoes with toast (Scott)
I love the decor here - very Scandi meets Alpine chic with raw wood panelling on the walls, reindeer heads/antlers, random church chairs and old mix and match wooden tables. It had a great laid-back Sunday brunch vibe when we were there as they had an open fire and everyone was in their cosy winter gears. Will be back soon!


  1. So sweet of Scott making you the lasagna. When do I get to try some food from the both of you?!

  2. when you come and visit us!! Make it this year but probably not a good plan before the wedding as we are on a 'diet'