Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 hour slow cooked pulled pork - OMG!

pulled pork


pull pork

This winter is finally getting to me...I am down with the cold and feeling a little blah today. We are looking for a fuss free Sunday dinner and I have an unsatiated cravings for pulled pork as Pitt Cue Co was full when we tried to get a seat last week and I haven't left that thought of tender melt-in-your-mouth pork since...frustrating really. So desperate times call for desperate measures... this is finally the incentive I needed to lug home the slow cooker from our old flat, all the way from the other side of London and after a long day trip in Basel for work. Crazy...maybe that's why I was down with the cold making that trek in the snow!

Scott was in charge of the pork and as usual he amalgamated 3 recipes into 1. I don't know anyone else who does you? Not being happy with just the 1 recipe so comes the need to look at another 5 at least and essentially take the best bits (i.e. ingredients he likes / we have at home / easy to source) and recreate his unique own. I have learned to trust him on this as more often than tastes 'out of this world'

So this pork started out late at night on Saturday....all the spice mix, blended, crushed and rubbed into it, then wrapped up tightly and refrigerated overnight. Scott started cooking at 10am this morning and at 8pm we feasted on it like hungry horses. We took our first bite and turn to each other with a sly smile....its an unspoken but understood language...we have trumped yet again - screw the wedding diet!

Nutella + Peanut butter + marshmallow brownie
I had to bake a 2nd helping of this brownie again - this is a first ever...baking the same thing twice in a week. The long wait for the pulled pork meant I have to keep myself occupied. You are never too ill to have some brownies...and Scott needed cheering up as Scotland lost at rugby (again)

Nutella + peanut butter + marshmallow brownie
close-up of the goo from the would be selfish of me not to share!


  1. I love a bit of meat 'n veg with my baked beans too.  ćƒ„