Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nutella + Peanut Butter + Marshmallow Brownies

Scott has been working late many nights recently and he was supposed to have the night off tonight but had to work late again last minute - so I thought I will surprise him with a little something.

2012-02-07 20.52.53

I followed this recipe which I got off the Nutella day website - do you realised there is such a thing as a Nutella day website? Yup! It exist! And it has a crazy number of nutella based recipes on the website...I recommend you pop over now with a cuppa in hand, a notepad and pen to list the ingredients you would need to buy to make a nutella-something pronto!

Still digressing....I mean check out the list of recipes! You can have a day of nutella-based meals - My perfect Nutella day would be as follows:
Brekkie: Nutella & Mascarpone Grilled Cheese Sandwich on brioche
Mid-morning snack: Nutella oreos truffles
Lunch: Nutella bacon sandwich
Mid-afternoon snack: the brownie I just made
Dinner: Nutella marinated steak
Dessert: Nutella and hazelnut praline ice cream

There is also Nutella day which falls on February 5th - how amazing is that. My cousin V's birthday is on the same day too so a big shout out to her...albeit a little later than expected.

2012-02-07 20.53.08

Anyway back to business and I think it is important for me to share why I chose this recipe from the many available on the website. Simple ingredient list, practically store cupboard type of cooking which tends to rock my boat (nutella is store cupboard essentials in casa Percival...I mean how can it not be?). But the key USP in this recipe is intructions #2 - "melt butter..." That screams weekday baking to me! Measure butter, plonk it in pan and move on to instruction #3. It is very hard to plan ahead of time and get the butter out of the fridge to soften prior to baking when you get the urgency to bake brownies at precisely 3.46pm while at work. This rant might only be applicable if you do not own a microwave to speed up the softening process...I obviously don't but I have been know to leave it above the radiator which does work a treat in desperate times.

So just to note that I alter the recipe a little: less sugar and I added in about a handful of marshmallow, rationale being I have marshmallows at home to use up and I wanted to experiment with the gooeying-ness from the marshmallow. Also please go with her recommended chunky peanut butter vs smooth option. The unexpected bite into the peanut was heaven alongside the goo. I can stand firm, hand on heart and say I love it. This recipe will be filed under the 'so freaking good - memorise it!' category.

2012-02-07 20.54.15

p/s: I know the pics are rubbish. This is what happens when the camera is not charged and pictures are taken using a mobile phone during a midweek dinner rush. The brownie looks burnt but it is just the marshmallow getting caramelise...yes ...oh yes....

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  1. You need the iphone4s!! Pics turn out really well... Most of the pics on my recent posts are taken from the iphone now instead of lugging around my camera!