Sunday, February 19, 2012

Modified 'heart attack'

My hubby has done good...he got me a mahusive bunch of flowers on Valentine's day with the message ' Sorry I can't be there'. He told me later his instructions to the florist was vintage inspired and no red roses! Ha...he knows me well

Valentines date flowers

I really like the 'heart attack' idea I blog about earlier so I decided to recreate something similar as a thank you valentine's day gift...but crucially an in-door style 'heart attack'. I can't be doing outdoors with the cold we are experiencing at the moment! I initially wanted to cover just the door to our bedroom with pink hearts but 3 hours of mindless TV later and I have enough pink hearts for our hallway! Bonus....!

Heart attack 1

Heart attack 2

Heart attack 3

Scott flew in from Eindhoven the following evening to an empty house as I was out having dinner with the girls. He later told me it was a great surprise...his initial reaction was 'WTF is this?!? hahahah....I am so glad it works and it brightens up his evening...he has been working late most days and we both need something light to laugh about. The pink hearts stayed on until today....that is his treshold for pink hearts

p/s: while we are on the topic of love, check this out! I love his style of photography and even went as far as emailing him for a quote to capture our wedding day when we were still considering having the wedding in Scotland. I figured it might actually be cheaper for me to travel to LA than get him over to Scotland - maybe one day...I am still hopeful...maybe on our 10th year anniversary?

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