Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Tighnabruaich, Scotland
Tighnabruaich, Scotland [August]

holiday buddies at Isle of Wight
Holiday buddies at Isle of Wight. Taken during a country walk on a very windy cliff!!

Scott in Isle of Wight
Love the old-school colour from this picture

Scott in Isle of Wight 2
My man!

I love these pictures we took at Isle of Wight and Tighnabruaich in Scotland using my Diana camera that Scott got me for my birthday. I have been dropping heavy hints for this - "Have you got me Diana? Have you got me Diana?" Scott: "I got you Charles"
ha ha...very funny....

I have forgotted about the excitement one gets while waiting for the roll of film to develop - what will the pictures look like? will they all turn out ok? (they didn't, we have about 6 decent pictures out of a roll of 12). The dreaminess of the picture is quite a contrast to the sharp pictures we are accustomed to with our snazzy digital cameras. The unpredictability of the pictures adds to the fun.

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