Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday chow

hangover breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed by Scott as I had a sore head! Chipolatas, very eggy scramble egg and tattie scones which is the highlight - fried mashed potato , Scotland's answer to America's hash brown (both have a special place in my hearty tummy)

We were on a mission to build a new hallway wardrobe door today (current door has past its beauty date), made the trek to Homebase, bought the necessary pieces of wood, got home and measured up against the current door and its 8 cm too wide! This is the story of our DIY experiences is never quite as straightforward / few hour job as we always think it is. Often, it takes longer, bought the wrong bit, bought not enough of the right bit, etc etc... On this occasion, Scott measured the door at 60.8cm but in his hungover state he wrote down 68cm - don't ask!

We had to rescue this rubbish day - in comes chocolate + salted caramel tart

choc + salted caramel tart


I was on dessert duty so this is made by moi! We tend to go all out for Sunday dinner, even if it's just the 2 of us. No scrimping on dessert for us 2 gluttons - we love our sugar!

This is one of those recipes that ask for egg yolks only which leaves the egg whites with one and only one purpose - meringues! Never let egg whites go to waste! Whisk whisk whisk, add loads of sugar and you get meringue! I added some cocoa powder to this batch to give it a light choc hue. Perfect with berries compote for another day dessert or for a naughty snack, on its own! Crispy outside and goey inside, often I spend the next hour with vigorous tongue action (no one can see this!) trying to get to the tiny bits of sticky sugar between my teeth

tau yeu bak!
Check out what Scott cooked for dinner!!! Tau Yew Bak stewed for a good few hours for melt in your mouth pork!

Tau Yew Bak served on vietnamese red rice with sambal good

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