Saturday, October 23, 2010

Affordable Art Fair


Battersea Power Station
I wish someone would revamp the Battersea Power Station into something has the potential to be something amazing instead of being a derelict building

South of the Thames river is not somewhere we go much in London...I know this is a generalisation but being an out-an-out North of the river girl, I never see the need to venture beyond Waterloo / London Bridge (public transport seems to stop pretty much after Waterloo/London Bridge). But today we went to Battersea Park to attend the Affordable Art Fair (which involved taking a tube to Victoria then a 'proper' train to Battersea...see what I mean about ease of getting to the south of the river?) Anyway back to the fair....things I love and I remember to take a picture of!

Affordable Art Fair 5
I think this is a painting....I like the different colours on each ducks...Definately a Scottish influence

Affordable Art Fair 4

Affordable Art Fair 3
I love this cheeky art called 'Make love not war' where the artist uses plastic soldiers to create the heart shape. A very easy (and cheap) idea to copy

Affordable Art Fair 2

How clever and cute is this! Dressed fashioned using maps. They hit a sweet spot for me by using the maps (secret love of mine)

Affordable Art Fair 1
Cute...Paper cut butterflies, creating the 3-d image

Lunch (apple pie + a mini choc biscuit thingy) was a little random as we got up really late and had 'breakfast' at 12 then after 2 hrs of looking at arts solidly we got delusional, got a print (next post maybe) and head off for a sugar fix.

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