Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunday Kitchen

Last Sunday was a little hectic in our kitchen to say the least. Scott insisted we make chutney with our tomatoes surplus which is fine by me other than a) we dont have a working oven so sterilising jars have to be done the old-fashion way, which I don't even know if it's completely fine! (we shall find out in 3 months when the chutney is ready for consumption), b) he also decided he wants to cook beef rendang from scratch for our sunday dinner (!) Err….does he not know how time consuming it is to make the rendang paste and the amount of ingredients we need to get? And what this would mean to our kitchen space with him needing the pester and mortar, food processor, chopping board, a million bowls for each ingredient (I believe all men cook like this!). So where does this leave me with my tommy chutney?

OK I love a good rendang and him showing an interest to make it from scratch is admirable cause even I never make rendang from scratch. There is something called ‘Brahim’s rendang sauce!’ which is just as good to me. He is a guy on a mission so we got up early enough on a Sunday to get to the farmers’ market and stock up

On a side note, him trying to decipher an asian recipe is highly amusing

Scott (baffled): Rick Stein says to grate the coconut then soak it in hot water…
Me: Hello? Why are you following what Rick Stein says….who is da Malaysian here eh? Just leave me alone and I will get you the coconut flesh AND coconut milk.
Scott: But I don’t need the milk…I bought a can for that. Don’t squeeze the milk out or the coconut will become dry and lose the flavor
Me: huh?

It was actually a pretty good rendang once we got over his preference to use can vs fresh coconut milk - by the way, fresh coconut wins the day!

We had to reduce down that chutney to about half its content = 2 hours of stirring!

Rendang looking promising

Nasi lemak on the menu for Sunday dinner. The rendang taste like rending but need more chillies…I think he is pleased



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