Saturday, October 23, 2010


We ended up at Barrafina after the Affordable Art Fair for a very early dinner. I have heard only good things about Barrafina but the queue for a seat is also legendary which has put us off visiting the restaurant. But since we were wondering around Soho at 6pm (early from my point of view for dinner on a Saturday!) we decided to give it a go. OK the queue is still there...but only 2 couples ahead of us. What we have...

Barrafina 2
Pimientos de Padron - tasty (but not spicy?) with a nice hint of saltiness but not sure it is worth the £4.60?

Barrafina 6
Grilled Quail with Al-i-Oli - oh this from the first bite! The quail is just about cook which makes the meat so tender and juicy

Barrafina 5
Chipirones (deep fried octopus) - great texture between the crispiness of the batter and the silky fresh octopus

Barrafina 4
Barrafina 4
Baby Gem Salad with Anchovies and Smoked Pancetta - This was recommended by the waitress and it is so-so for me but Scott likes it. I am just not a big fan of whole anchovies per se but chopped and added to pasta sauce is a different matter

Barrafina 1
Chorizo + potatoes + watercress

Barrafina 3
Prawn and Piquillo Pepper Tortilla - Just cooked tortilla so the egg is not chewy.yum

It was an enjoyable dinner with a great buzz but the place is intimate enough to enjoy dinner for 2 without bumping elbows even though we are all sitting at the bar. But I am undecided if it is better than Boca de Lupo. I had good memories there as I brought Scott there for his birthday dinner so maybe it is hard to compete in that sense.

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