Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Dinner



When Scott is on cooking duty, this is the type of food we sometimes have for weekday dinner

--> Salmon en papilote with ceviche of salmon and lime. There are 4 parts to this dish.

Salmon en papilote, in simpler terms mean salmon wrapped in paper with white wine, black pepper and coriander, baked in the oven. Sorry not shown, as I got excited and took the pictures before the baked salmon is ready.

ceviche of salmon = cured fresh salmon using lime, onions, crack of black pepper, olive oil and dressed up with grated boiled eggs

boiled new potatoes seasoned with huge whack of butter (hallelujah!), garlic (hallelujah one more time!), pepper plus coriander

and finally...lime mayonnaise (made fresh using eggs and white wine vinegar and a load of other stuff in it)

Just our usual Monday dinner....only when Scott cooks

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