Thursday, September 30, 2010

1st Flat Anniversary!!

1st flat anniversary! 2

1st flat anniversary! 1

Today marked the day we moved into this flat a year ago.

OK I agree the pictures make it seem as if we have not done anything to the flat since we bought it. Yes yes, the wall is empty but that's because we are still (but very close to) deciding on what we would like to have on it as it. What we want to display is not something we can pop into Ikea to get hence the tortoise pace we go at decorating some of the walls in our flat.

I remember walking into our flat for the first time after getting the keys and looking at it without any furnitures and thinking 'f£$%, what have we done!!?! Why have we bought this!!??!! Without any furnitures, we started noticing all the small flaws we missed - tired looking carpet, peeling wallpaper, hairline cracks on wall, damp mouldy bathroom. It is fair to saw we had our job cut out for us. We wanted an old flat with characters and we accept it comes with a lot more work / flaws that buying a new built. We grafted at it for a good 3 months, goodbyes to weekend and holidays and scrubbed, painted, striped (wallpaper, not ourselves!), plastered, rewired and sweat buckets and we finally moved in 3 months later.

1 year on...we are still doing the odd jobs here and there (it is never ending!) but we won't change it for any other. Happy 1 year flat anniversary! Bring on the next!

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