Tuesday, September 28, 2010




Old Brown bottles
All these for 99p - are you freaking kidding me!

Everyone collects something at some point in their life. The stuff you collect says something about you at that point in life and also often represents something. I vaguely remember collecting stamps, looking through letters that were never mine to nick the colourful stamps for my collection,being precious about soaking the stamp in water and slowly removing the stamp for the envelope without tearing it.Heck, I was even close to putting my name up in one of those teenage magazine looking for penpals so I can receive letters and stamps!

Then there is the need to collect everything and anything Take That related. Partly to feel like I belong to something, partly to not miss out really. That was an expensive teenage phase. Those VHS, CDs and magazines all amount to more than my daily pocket money!

Now with a flat of my own, I love collecting glass bottles. Old bottles with embossed letters, medicinal bottles with vertical ridges, clear/ coloured/ stained bottles, there is always a reason behind the style and colour. Some are cheaper than others, some are probably not worth the money I paid for but regardless, each one is valuable to me. It is often small and light enough to search out and buy them whenever I travel. I have also been known to buy beer for Scott so I can keep the bottle! (Maybe that's why he tolerate my 'junk'). My personal favourites are anything chemistry related - beakers, test tubes....hmmmm......strange but it's true!

I would like to think it references back to my geeky engineering background but worryingly, I think this bottle obsession do run in the family!

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