Monday, October 22, 2012

Street Feast London


Last Friday Scott and I, alongside Arya and a mate of his went to Street Feast London for dinner. It was what I would described as a pimped out version of our Malaysian pasar malam: Street vendors selling food,a couple of stores selling homeware/clothes but without the 'wet' market element (e.g. selling fresh meat/veg). It had a great vibe and atmosphere - 16 street vendors, 2 bars serving drinks, sharing tables, reservation tables with waiting staff if you are so inclined, music and very kids friendly.

The street food scene in London has definitely grew in epic proportion in the last 2 years of so - a concept that works really well in the summer and bringing it indoors to a disused carpark (for shelter and some warmth) in the winter was a super idea! I cannot tell you how excited I was to go - I was counting down the hours on Friday, keeping up-to-date on twitter, went to the cash point at lunchtime to make sure I had enough cash in hand, I have not felt this excited for a long time!

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Overall I would say my excitement was justified but some of the street food was a let down. Between the 4 of us, we did get over-excited and over-order, naturally.

The Good:
Homeslide pizza: They have a custom build wood fire oven producing thin based (but not soggy!) pizza, flavourful with each bite. I had the ricotta (flavoured with lemon zest), mushroom and basil pizza and you can taste the faint hint of lemon - love!
Big Apple Hot Dogs: I didn't get a bite of this but Scott vouch for its tastiness. I will take his word for it, he knows his sausages.
Bharga Burger: Scott wolfed down his portion so I assumed it was pretty good. They had a steady flow of customers throughout the night so it can't be that bad
Sorbitium Ices: Crazy different flavours of ice cream. You can't go wrong with artisan ice cream when it is done right

Mother flipper burger: I had high was tasty but not as tasty as Lucky Chip's burger. The bun failed to hold up to the sauce/beef and it was a soggy mess towards the end.
Rainbo: chicken and tofu dumpling - flavourful and tasty as a dumpling should be but it lacks something that I can't really put my finger on. To start with, they serve the dumplings with the wrong type of chilli sauce (a thai chilli sauce - no!) if you want to be purist about it.
Horn OK please: Love the name! Arya's friend bought a portion (not sure what it was), I liked what I had (texture similar to tiny rice krispies!) and I would give it a proper try next time

Yum Jungle: I was debating between their spicy chicken which had rave reviews or some fresh scallops from Pop up Barbados. I should have gone for the latter. The chicken was so salty I left the last piece of chicken on the plate.
Kimchi Cult: I wasn't completely sold on their burger USP just by adding kimchi, Arya tried it but ended up nicking some chilli sauce off Big Apple Hot Dog to make it more palatable...enuff said
Bar: I was disappointed with the drinks selection - esp.the beer: Either bottle of Becks or cans of Red Stripes?! Really? I thought they might be serving beers from Hackney or London Field brewery which is pretty much down the road. A shame really as it would be a great place to drink/support a local brew.

Overal, I am glad they are open every Friday for the whole winter and I know I will definitely go back for more - Homeslide pizza alone is a big enough attraction to return.

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