Monday, October 1, 2012

Last few summer weekends

This is a lazy way to condensed 3 weeks of pictures into one post to remember the end of summer as the days slowly get darker earlier and the chill starts to set in. We have turn on our heater and I have reluctantly started wearing black tights again. But here we go as the summer draws to an end...


He doesn't let any sliver of sun rays goes to waste


home-made 'what's lurking in the fridge' pasta

pip's dish
Pip's dish pop-up restaurant. We were excited but left disappointed; the wait was too long between dishes and the dishes were ok - would need more staff and was expecting live cooking but everything was prep beforehand

Weekend stroll in Stoke Newington cemetery, reminds me of Père Lachaise Cemetery in unkept version but with similar abundance of charm, does that make sense?


last weekend was spent in Scotland. We must have catch the last days of summer in Aaran, the weather went back to 'normal (i.e. grey + rain)' once we were back in Glasgow

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