Friday, February 11, 2011

When Scott is working late at home...

and I am not.. (he he) I try to keep out of his way (often unsuccessfully as the desk and TV are in the same room) and make him tea to keep him going. We always have dessert at home...simple stuff like yoghurt with fruits - so I will make that for him. But sometimes when the mood is right and I feel like a super-gf moment, I surprise him with something yesterday




The beauty of this recipe is there is no hard and fast rule... no exact measurement needed. Just chuck in a pack of oreos in the food processer and blitz it to sand-like, whack in some cream cheese (buy low fat to feel better) and mix it all up to taste. Then shape it into anything you like, leave it in the fridge for a bit to harden up and finally coat it in choc. If you are anal like Scott and need a recipe to follow, then this is a good one to use

I shaped mine as hershey's kisses...(ok it was done in a rush so the wrapping is not great! and I would recommend buying super cheap foil for this as my thick bacofoil doesnt crunch up as smoothly)
he he he....

this cracks him up...a nice change from the spreadsheet he has been staring at intently for the last hour!

with his usual evening cuppa

oh side note about the paper...the design is from the inside of an envelope! :)


I also try out making a couple of cupcake balls (Jasmine: this is from the book you bought me!) - wedding deco possibly?

I also made the meringue underneath the choc sauce yesterday night (I was very productive yesterday!) - made the choc sauce about 15 min ago while Scott cooks so we are now sorted for dessert tonight! Off for my chow...

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