Sunday, February 6, 2011

Busy Sunday

You know when you have a list of things to do that keeps growing and growing and you complete a couple on a Sunday and feel so pleased with yourself...well this Sunday is one of those!



sand, scrub and clean the letterpress drawer I bought almost a year ago from Cambridge - I am in love with this tiny beauty...its original purpose was to keep the different letters, numbers etc for printing. We have hung it in the living room but no pic yet as it is not ready for its big unveil...I have a couple of ideas of what to display on it!

While cleaning the drawer...I noticed the rainbow chards are having a 'second life'and the leaves looks ready to be picked! The garden always surprises...both good and bad surprises...

Lunchtime...I made chicken and chinese sausage claypot rice. Double up the portions so we have extra for lunch tomorrow.. a treat for Monday



Roasted maple syrup almond and hazelnut - half kept as whole to scatter on our morning porridge and the other half blitz to death into nut butter (after 15 minutes of crazy whizzing in the food taste like home-made nutella!)
I can't resist taking pictures of my cutie duck measuring cup - it stacks and come in 4 sizes....too cute not to buy. Same with the sea-shells measuring can see it but the back of the spoon is shaped as shells - all purchased from Anthropologie (interior heaven)

Made a 'good luck' card for my colleague/office-buddy Lucy who is going on a secondment to our NY office. She has agreed to be my unofficial postwoman. I'm excited about the shopping possibilities...without the expensive postage!


One of Scott's xmas pressie was a voucher for a craft class near us and I chose to do a silk-screen printing class. I had grand ideas of filling the whole tea towel with different shape bottles but the printing frame and time limitations meant I scale down my design and this is what I ended up with. I love it! I came home with 2 tea towels and 1 bag

We also hung about a million pictures and Scott's drawing/painting around the flat but none has a finish look (i.e. still waiting for a few more pieces / need to buy the correct nails to hang some of the frames!!) so no pics.

That's my Sunday sorted! Phew....

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