Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The obligatory Valentine's day post

It's not a day we celebrate for obvious reasons (cheesy, commercial, every day should be valentine's day blah blah) so we do not go out for a special meal or do anything that fancy. We do always try to cook something lovely at home. Like yesterday, we (ok..he) cooked risotto because it's one of our favourite food and I made choc chip cookies. End of....oh, ok we do exchange cheesy cards - thats the extent of us falling into the commercial trap, but to my credit, I did make his card from scratch so it's just him falling into that trap!

But he did surprise me with flowers delivered to my office - a huge bouquet of flowers that looks like it exploded it the bag (so big I filled 3 vases of flowers at home)! It was a lovely surprise as I wasn't expecting anything (apparently he buy me flowers every year - I do have rubbish memory...need to eat more gingko nuts). I was the only one with flowers on my floor - smug!

one of my fav flower - the amaryllis



lamb with cous cous
he cooked dinner again tonight because I was working late...definately a keeper eh? :)

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