Sunday, February 27, 2011

My guilty *SPAM* pleasure

I lurveee Spam - for all its preservatives and E number and what not. Call it nostalgic food or comfort food but once in a while I get a strong craving for it. For all the healthy/organic/free-range food we have daily and the daily drumming from the media of rubbish 'mystery meat'....I still have a soft spot for it
Scott is not a fan so I often grab a can when he is away (like this weekend!)

It is such a versatile 'meat'! - can you call it that? I mean I love it in my fried rice, with instant noodle, fried with tomato sauce on soft white bread, with kimchi soup and rice....It has to be fried though...I like the crispy outside and the soft soft 'meat' inside.

Apparently SPAM stands for 'Specially Processed American Meat' or 'Supply Pressed American Meat'....or more naughtily (but correct?) - 'Something Posing As Meat' or 'Spare Parts Animal Meat'

I do wonder who buys them - I know they are supposed to be cheap meat but I dont think it is very cheap considering I paid £1.58 for a small can (larger 300g can cost £1.78) and you can buy a whole chicken (ok - battery reared sad chicken) for £2.29!!! I assume they are targeting the same consumer demographics no? Apart from the pensioners who still have a soft spot for it from their WW2 days.... I mean it is still very popular in Hawaii and the Philipines (according to the world wide web!!) - why those two countries? American army supply!


Last night I had it as fried rice.....with Glory Ikan Bilis sambal -yum yum yum....Glory is the best. Don't bother trying their sambal with prawns...stick with the ikan bilis!

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