Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boat trip in Arran



Arran boat trip





So the Easter weather in Scotland was a nice surprise. Dry (not a drop of rain!) and (fairly) windless with sun rays coming through between the clouds that on occasions, I can feel the warmth through my winter coat...and dare I say it, I was hot in Scotland - Yea, I wasn't expecting that at all!

We took a week long holiday to spend time with Scott's family. Scott was really looking forward to this break as he hasn't had one since the start of the year. Often if we are up for longer than the weekend, we make a trip to visit his granny in Arran.

The ferry to the island is always a treat involving square sausage and hash brown roll drenched in brown sauce. A rare naughty treat we indulge only on the ferry! In my mind, the calories doesn't count as we are not on land! haha

We stayed on the top deck of the ferry the whole journey to the island this time round, savouring the sun. It was clear blue sky with a scattering of clouds and sunshine. This is what spring weather should be like but the extended winter we experienced made this an unexpected surreal moment. We lapped up all the warmth we can get by shedding our winter coats.

But the surprise treat this holiday was going on Uncle Peter's boat. It was a last minute decision to take the boat out for a spin as the sun is out. We set up the boat, got into waterproof gears (oh yes...without a doubt we looked hot in those waterproof gears!) and circled Holy Isle, spotted a big big boat with a red helicopter at the back, saw a lighthouse, squinted really hard to have a good look at the Buddhist retreat on the island (no one is allowed into the retreat area of the island) then Hazel and I left the boat and the boys took it out for a 'proper man spin'. They almost fell off the boat crashing straight into a wave but that's what boys do. They survived and lived to tell the tale.

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