Sunday, December 2, 2012

The cold snap






The weather turned very cold this week - dry, crisp air but thankfully not too windy or wet. We had a fairly warm autumn so I guess it is about time the weather turns. It reminded me of the weekend we spend in Scotland not too long ago when we were there for Gregor and Sorcha's wedding. It was also a cold  November day - dry and crisp with the sun streaking through.

We spend the morning of the wedding outdoors on a treasure hunt (part of the wedding plan!) in a grand country pile where the wedding was held. We coupled up with Ross and Nat who just came back from their 8-months travel in Asia so there was lots to catch-up on. Unsurprisingly the boys got competitive and we collected all the things on the list including a token empty bullet casing, hoping for a grand prize with our 'extra find'. We later found out there wasn't a was a rouse to get us walking the ground before the wedding!

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