Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012




We bought our Christmas tree last weekend! The initial agreement was to not get a tree at all as we are spending Christmas in Scotland and we have no plans for a get-together in our London flat this year. That agreement was scrapped the minute we find ourselves in Columbia Flower Market and being surrounded by Christmas trees. Not sure any tree but gorgeous huge trees that smell of pine a mile away! We got straight into the Christmas spirit, desperately yearning for a tree (and a bigger house to fit those massive trees!) and agreed to get a small-ish tree as a compromise.

Instead of lugging home a tree from the market we decided to get one at our local area where unsurprisingly none of the smaller trees are to Scott's liking and he is adamant we should get a 5-feet tree instead. So the plan for a small-ish tree was scrapped once again and the boy went home happy.

He took charge of it all, sawed a good inch off the bottom, soak the tree in water, put up the lights and decorated it - all by himself. He was in his element! I have to be honest though - I think the tree needs a few more bells and whistles to make it stand out. I was going to get more baubles but in a rare role reversal moment, he told me not to as we might not be in London for the next Christmas (storage issue-boo!). 

So I kept myself busy and made a wreath for our front door instead.

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