Monday, October 17, 2011

'Minimoon' at Puglia, Italy - Part 4

Food.....the number 1 reason we chose Puglia. We toyed with the idea of Croatia for our minimoon (Scott even went as far as buying a guide book for Croatia but it just didn't click. We had been dreaming and talking about visiting Puglia for years now - everytime we read an article it raves about the food...the slow pace of life...the food...the lack of tourist...the food...the wine...the food...the biggest producer of olive oil in Italy...the food. OK I think you get the gist of it!
We (ok I) put back on whatever miniscule weight I lost for the wedding and came home satisfied - a slightly heavier me and a very heavy luggage (4 jumbo bottles of olive oil + 2 bottle of vino). We kept our fingers cross and all survived the Ryanair luggage handler!

I do have to apologies for the pictures - half are gobbled down before I even remotely remember to capture it (we are such carnivores when it comes to food), the other half...when I remember to capture it...the picture didn't turn out as well. Blame it on my rubbish camera skill and bad night lighting.



stuffed crust with riccotta - out of this world!


popular local dish - mash broad beans and wild vegs. So basic but the mash was GOOD!I have not idea how they do it but it is the ultimate comfort food. I had it 3 times which says a lot when you are in Italy and you want to try everything on the menu!

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