Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Minimoon' at Puglia, Italy - Part 2

This is without a doubt the cutest place we visited in Puglia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A town of trullis - trully a sight (hahah - it rhymes) and surreal to walk around these well preserved bit of history....that is until you get someone holler 'konichiwa!!!' at you. (The Pugliese kept mistaken me for a Japanese and I was even given a town map in Japanese!) Unfortunately the place is filled with tat - that kind of goes with gaining a UNESCO approval. This was the only place we blended in as tourists. Otherwise, we were often 'the odd one out' - we hardly heard anyone else spoke English throughout our time in Puglia.




Beaches in Puglia
We were about an hour away from the closest beach and we took advantage of the good weather and gorgeous stretch of white sand beaches - many of which are blue flag beaches. Again, we stood out like a sore thumb - me the odd chinese girl, the only one on the whole stretch of the beach and Scott the guy NOT wearing a tight speedos. People stare then they smile then they get to business:topping up their tan. Life goes on...





The water is suprisingly warm, something I wasn't expecting as I remember the water in Greece was freezing in the middle of scorching August and I assume the same in Italy. But it wasn' was like being on a beach in Thailand. And check out how clear the water is! surreal....

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