Wednesday, October 12, 2011

'Minimoon' at Puglia, Italy - Part 3

Polignano a Mare
Apart from the parking ticket, minor accident (one word: Italian drivers ...thank God we had full cover otherwise we will be about £750 poorer from the holiday) and Scott losing his wallet - the last 2 days in this seaside town was bliss. Fresh grilled octopus on the beach for 5 euros made my day. At least we have a story to tell for our minimoon.



This is where we suspect Scott's wallet was (and still is!) - under the sea!



Surreal town - an old town dug into the rocks creating cave like houses. Men are believed to have settled in this area since palaeolithic times and it is suspected to be the first human settlement in Italy. It was hidden away from the main road as we drove into Matera which caused much confusion as we were looking out for it and all we can see as we drove into Matera town are new builts. But we turned a corner and literally stopped dead in our tracks and were in awe. Pictures doesn't do it justice....narrow windy lanes that goes up-hill for a bit then curved down-hill then another curve and you feel like you are lost in this forgotten town. It was drizzling on a Monday afternoon when we were there - completely devoided of tourists, it was very quiet to the point of eeerie at some parts of the town. Mel Gibson shot part of Passion of Christ movie here - can totally see why

Not the clearest picture but you can see the town craved out of the ravines on the right



Scott was so pleased when he (accidently) found the exact spot the Lonely Planet picture was taken for the book. Quite an accidental feat considering the town is a bloody maze!

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