Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Summer is coming!!!...the clock has changed... longer daylight...my tulips and daffodils are all out...and my kitchen window ledge looks like this!
lots and lots of corns, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and chillies. First batch to sprout. More to go...

Everything is freaking coming back to life!
Picnik collage
L: neighbour's flowers that tumbles into my garden so I share the joy!
R: mini red currant flower - they flower first then the raspberries

We decided to make the raised bed at the end of the garden into our fruit section - all the berries and currants. We bought and planted blackcurrants and an additional gooseberry plant - you probably can't see it but its there! I don't think we will get any fruit this year from the new plants (dang!) but like they say...patience is a virtue!

We have grand plans for the garden this year...stay tuned for the great unveiling!

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