Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First harvest 2011!!!!




Scott is clearly trying to look nonchalant with his Mona Lisa smile while I was clearly looking very happy! Well chuffed!!!
1 year of waiting and allowing the plant to settle its roots and we can finally harvest our first crop!
Jasmine: it keeps cropping so there will be some left in September for you!

we made strawberries and rhubarb crumble to celebrate! No 'after' picture of the crumble as Scott went straight for the kill when its cooked and slice it up. We are an impatient lot when it comes to eating

since we are on the subject of food...I might as well show you dinner too. Slow cooked lamb - 4 hours of magic in the oven while we work the soil in the garden. My theory is anything cooked for that long will taste amazing - never had a bad stew. I insist you go try it - chuck in the usual stew ingredients; tomatoes, onions, garlic (keep them whole then squeeze out the soft flesh and mix it in or pop it straight into your mouth for garlic heaven), herbs, carrots etc, go do something productive for 4 hours (gardening, online shopping, watching reruns of MadMen, fix all the missing buttons on clothes you chucked in the corner - admit it now! we all have a 'chuck' corner) then say Amen when the kitchen timer goes 'ping'!

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