Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scotland vs. Brazil

Fuel before the big game


Picnik collage

on the way in....superb atmosphere. You can always rely on the Scots for good atmosphere / good banter to make up for the 'not so good' performance on the pitch! (I hope Scott is not reading this!)
Desperately looking for a piper for the wedding...there must be a piper somewhere in KL/Singapore!

Picnik collage
Scots love their drinks. This is a good reminder that we need to stock up big time for the pussy footing on single digit number of cans per person here...we are talking double digit pints per person (and this obviously exclude spirits or champagne). Do they sell beer in barrels in Malaysia? Must remember to speak to Uncle Don when I am back in town.

Picnik collage

final score? We lost...2-nil...could have been was a friendly afterall

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