Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Hellos


Premier and Arran variety Potatoes - This grew rather quickly in growbags. The bags come with side pockets that you open when the potatoes are ready so no digging required...just open the sides, let the soil tumble out with the potatoes and pick! Recently this has grown at a crazy rate. The idea is to keep adding soil to the bag as the stalk grows and I have been adding soil almost every week! Very impressive considering we are doing it the organic way - not even 'pee fertiliser'! Fingers cross I can harvest them by the end of June! The Arran variety are purple skinned potatoes - exciting no!?


Pak chois


Cos lettuce - the silly slugs and snails are loving this more than I can. Cue slug killers!!! Now my lettuces are looking better.

veg patch

My little veg patch at the end of my garden. In it are mini squash, more potatoes, savoy cabbage, carrots and the lettuce....hmmm yum. Savoy cabbage will only be ready to harvest in winter - a little too long but I am dreaming of winter stew with savoy cabbage + chorizo + pancetta + grated boiled egg over it...hmmmmm......heaven



herbs galore - huge ass rosemary bush and bay tree which was there when we moved in, thyme, basil, parsley, coriander, chives, oregano, mint, tarragon and sage

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