Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pancake race and pink pancakes

pancake race

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Shrove Tuesday (yesterday) was so so cold. I can vouch for that because Arya and I were standing outside Truman's Brewery watching the Great Spitafields Pancake Race taking place. I lost sensations on my fingers the minute I took my gloves off to take pictures of the race. We saw the first half of the race but after 15 minutes we admitted defeat and returned to the warmth of the office.

I was completely inspired by the range of pancakes that people make on Shrove Tuesday - the standard pancakes to okonomiyaki to roti jala to kueh dadar. I wanted to make the ricotta pancakes I did last year but good ol' Tesco sold out on ricotta so I went back to basic but made my pancakes pink instead.

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