Monday, January 21, 2013

White January




So we had a rainy and fairly warm Christmas last year and the snow finally made an appearance in January. I was home alone last weekend while Scott was back in Glasgow with optimistic plans to watch his (2nd division...2ND DIVISION okay, this is love) football team play a match - unlucky though, frozen ground means he ended up in a pub instead. I mean I could have told him that but he was insistent and he braved the 1 hour delay flight up - his choice!

Sunday was the ideal day for a very lazy morning and I was in bed until 2pm. Milky tea, nutella on toast and the Sunday papers kept me very happy but I was eventually forced to leave the bed when nature calls and the tummy rumbles. So after a quick bite of something leftover in the freezer, I wrapped up warm, braved the snow and went for a walk towards Upper Street.

Walking through Highbury Fields is my favourite bit - all the snowmen! Sometimes I wished I was a kid growing up somewhere with snow - the sledging, the snow fights, the building of snowman and of course hot chocolates at the end of the day to warm up cold fingers. I had a bowl of kimchi stew to warm up my cold fingers instead. I was also about £100 lighter in my pocket after a casual walk in to Whistles....bad move.

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