Friday, June 1, 2012

Happiness in all forms

Things that make me happy recently

1) Home grown blueberries - finally, after 2 years in waiting!

2) freshly planted pack chois, courgettes and swiss chards

3) New addition to the garden veggie family - turnip and beetroot. We successfully planted carrots before but this year we are trying out a new variety - purple carrots with yellow concentric circles - makes you a little curious just spellling that out no!? Freshly sowed last week

4) Bedtime reading

5) Giving away 6 big bags of stuff to charity - the flat feels so much cleaner! How do we accumulate so much so quickly??

6) Vintage apothecary bottles! I had to contain myself when I saw this and the price quoted just so the lady who sold it to me doesn't think she priced it too low...because she did!

7) wedding DIY - finally got my act together to get going

8) painted toenails = sun....finally! 26 degrees today!

9) street musicians

10) this note I found while clearing stuff out...'Mr Bomba Stick' hahahaha...classic...and whose handwriting is it?

11) Tulips from Columbia flower market. Its double petal power...almost like a peony but not quite!

We have the long weekend coming up to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee and we are off to 'da valleysss' (Wales!) for a festival theme wedding! Happy 4 days weekend!

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